Restricted Facebook Ad Account?! Help me!

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Ran into a weird situation where the Warghs Facebook business ad account was restricted due to a generic “violation”. Hopefully this post will help others that run into a similar issue.

When your account is restricted, the business manager will show something like this:

I had previously ran two very small Instagram ads with a video and image placement. Nothing to worry about right? The ads went through and completed successfully but some months later my account suddenly show “Restricted”. I was pretty puzzled and perplexed to say the least!

Via Instagram, you’re able to submit an appeal. So I did that but never received a response. I had forgotten about it and months later now ready to launch the game, I would like for this to be re-enabled? But I didn’t know how to go about getting it reinstated. So what to do?

Option 1: Via the Business Manager

In the screenshot above,

  • The “Request Review” button is disabled since I previously filed for appeal within Instagram
  • There’s a “View Support Inbox” button at the top of the page

Clicking on the “View Support Inbox” takes me to a Facebook Messenger chat with a case ID # and a place where I can type some messages. Hopefully will get a response here!

Option 2: Via the Facebook Business Help Center

Once logged in, you should see something like this:

Select the account you have an issue with and after filling out some forms, it should take you into a chat Facebook Messenger chat session with Facebook Business Support.

Note: this option may only be available during their official support hours.

Here, I was able to have a live chat with a helpful support guy who said he’d reach out to an internal team member and have an update soon. (Fingers crossed!). I will be checking my account status and “Support Inbox” regularly!

The official Facebook Business Support page shows hours 9am – 5pm


Hopefully these links and tips will help you when you run into that dreaded restricted Facebook ad account — and help you get your account back up and running! I’m anxiously awaiting mine!

Here are some other helpful articles that I found while researching this topic. You may find them helpful for your situation!

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