Our Mission

Why Porpoise Studios?  We have a “purpose” (porpoise, get it 😉 ) behind everything we do.

At Porpoise Studios we follow two mantras:  Be fun and/or be useful!  It may be a fun and engaging game to entertain you throughout your day!  Or it may be something useful that helps you along your daily routine!

We do support the general well-being of our environment, planet, and…humanity!  We would love to work with non-profit organizations and donate a portion of our proceeds towards their efforts.  We are just getting started!  If this sounds interesting, then please come along with us on our journey!  If you would like to work together, please contact us at our business development email address.

We would love your support!


Who Are We?

We are a very small group of people who are inspired to bring fun and useful things to everyone’s lives!  It’s as simple as that!  Be creative, inspiring, and most of all, have fun!  If that sounds like your cup of tea, then please come along with us on our maiden voyage and please support us!

Thank you!