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An EPIC Match 3 Puzzle Game!

Warghs Action Shot

Match 3 or more elements for epic combos and high scores!  Play with 5 different element types plus bonus pieces to enhance your score!

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Travel the world with Wylie and Wynnie as they attempt to save the planet from… Humans!

Lovable Characters!

Meet Wylie and Wynnie, the lovable Warghs that are here to save the Earth!

Wylie Wargh
Wynnie Wargh
  • Wylie is a trained Wargh ambassador with a terrible punning habit.  Just don’t make him mad—this water Wargh is always looking to blow off some steam!

  • Idealistic, adventurous, silly, and a lover of puns, he is ready to travel the universe!

  • Wynnie Wargh is a top Wargh environmental scientist who’s come to save Earth from itself.

  • Right now, though, she’s just trying to stay under the radar…which isn’t easy with someone like Wylie around!

Action Packed Gameplay!

  • Connect 3 or more same element essences to create combos
  • Higher combos create bigger scores
  • Deep gameplay based on the 5 elements:
    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Metal
    • Water
    • Nature
  • Charge up your character’s special ability
  • Unleash the special ability to clear elements and create bigger scores!
  • Use bonus pieces like the rocket, bomb, morph bombs, for fun exciting gameplay!

Collect & Level Up Characters!

  • Each character is based on one primary element type
  • Each character has one unique special ability
  • Level up your characters and special abilities
  • The more powerful your characters, the higher the score!
  • More characters to come in the future…!
Wylie Character Select

Fun, Adventurous Story!

Warghs Story
  • Follow Wylie and Wynnie’s adventurous journey from their homeworld!
  • What will they do when they (crash!) land on Earth??
  • Where will they travel to next on their adventure?
  • Help them survive Earth!

Deep Elements-Based Gameplay!

  • Water Water Essence defeats Fire Fire Essence and powers Nature Wood Essence
  • Nature Wood Essence defeats Earth Earth Essence and powers Fire Fire Essence
  • Fire Fire Essence defeats Metal Metal Essence and powers Earth Earth Essence
  • Earth Earth Essence defeats Water Water Essence and powers Metal Metal Essence
  • Metal Metal Essence defeats Nature Fire Essence and powers Water Water Essence
Use these elemental interactions to gain high scores!
Elements Chart