Wylie Wargh
Wylie Wargh

For years, Wylie Wargh has prepared to be an official Wargh Ambassador to another planet. Throughout his training program, Wylie studied harder and longer than anyone. He practiced absorbing thousands of forms of energy. He fine-tuned his telepathic abilities to understand all living creatures. He mastered the Elem Way, so that he could defend himself nonviolently. In every course Wylie received top honors, except for one—Anger Management.

It took a long, long time for the Wargh pods to travel across space, but at last, they land (er, crash). Wylie emerges to discover Earth—a planet straight from his dreams! Truly, they’ve discovered paradise!

Yet he also quickly discovers something else—that the top species on this planet, Humans, would pave paradise to put up a parking lot (especially in Los Angeles). Aghast at the destruction of this beautiful planet, Wylie must do what he can to save the Earth. Is it already too late to help this planet? Or can Wylie convince Humans there is another, better way? Would a few well-placed puns help?! He won’t know until he tries!

Special Ability:

Wylie’s special ability bar depends on accumulating Metal (which generates Water). Once the bar is filled, Wylie does, indeed, “blow off steam”—and blasts the some essences right off the screen!