Wynnie Wargh
Wynnie Wargh

Wynnie Wargh is a top Wargh environmental scientist who’s come to save Earth from itself. Right now, though, she’s just trying to stay under the radar…which isn’t easy with someone like Wylie around!

Growing up, Wynnie spent more time outdoors than in: whenever her mother started calling her for dinner, she was likely to find her daughter climbing a hooplik tree, rappelling down a ravine, or up to her knees in ibik slime.

Now a top environmental scientist, Wynnie was a little more reluctant to be assigned to this mission. The Warghs prevented planetary collapse by over a century of hard work and sacrifice; will other species, like Humans, be willing to put in the same effort? Plus, the mission has barely even begun, and she’s already homesick…not to mention a pretty sick of Wylie’s puns! Nevertheless, once she spends a little time here, Wynnie falls in love with Earth.

Wynnie Wargh loves Earth!

She’s determined to preserve this treasure from anyone who might harm it: Humans, other aliens, and even other, more careless Warghs. So watch out polluters, there’s a new (pink) sheriff in town!

Special Ability:

Wynnie’s special ability bar depends on accumulating Wood (which generates Fire). Once her bar is filled, Wynnie’s on fire…and so are the essences which are immediately transformed into the Fire Element.